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on land:  rock climb ~ hike ~ backpack ~ camp

on water:  white water raft ~ white water kayak ~ canoe

under ground:  cave / spelunk


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For bookings and more information about adventures custom-designed to meet your groups needs, please contact the club Manager.


Testimonials:  backpack ~ cave ~ hike ~ rock climb

                            white water kayak ~ white water raft



Backpacking testimonials

U.S. Navy backpacking:

"The views that Matt showed us from the campsites he selected were more beautiful than he had tried to describe. The best part of the trip was when we were all standing on the rock in silent awe of all that Virginia had to offer WAY off the beaten path. The views made all that hiking worth it. ... The trip was awesome  ... Thanks again for an awesome time. I'm really looking forward to future trips."


Church group backpacking:

"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for everything you've helped us with these few past trips. I hope your passion for the outdoors continues to grow and lead others as well as it has led us. I feel like without you [Matt] leading us on these trips, we wouldn't have nearly an awesome experience as we do with you. God has given you an amazing gift for leadership and fellowship."


U.S. Navy backpacking:

"We had a great time and we owe a lot of that to you and your expertise.
Those pictures turned out very well.
See you again soon."

Caving testimonials

Boy Scouts caving:

"Matt, the troop had an outstanding outing, thanks! Kevin was a fantastic guide, working well with the scouts, and ensuring everyone had both a fun and a safe time in cave. The OASC has definitely lived up to the glowing reviews we received and we would highly recommend your group."


Boy Scouts caving:

"Matt, the troop had a fantastic experience. The expressions on the scoutís muddy faces and their comments as they exited the cave highlights what a great opportunity and experience this caving adventure is for our troop. John was an excellent guide and was very good at addressing the number of questions that he received. He was very good and patient with the scouts.  ... We had a great experience and would recommend your company and both guides without reservation. ... Matt, again many thanks for helping us coordinate a wonderful caving trip."

Boy scouts caving:

"Matt and Kevin, Thank you for helping make a great experience for our scout troop.  From our first contact back in July until Kevin finished his long day Saturday, you have been professional, informative and a pleasure to work with. I would be happy to recommend your services to another group if asked. I have already received several e-mails from parents and the response based on the kids is that the trip was an A+ success. I am unable to offer any suggestion that could improve the trip. Considering we were camping in Bath County, the last week of January, the weather was great, our campsite was perfect and the owner was most accommodating. Kevin, you were fun, entertaining and informative for the kids (and adults). You put as much effort in the last group as you did the first. Thanks again for a great trip."


U.S. Navy caving:

"The way the trip was set up was phenomenal. Matt really allowed everyone to get the most out of the experience by sizing us all up and letting us push into the far ends of the cave. The fact that they felt like they were really exploring made the trip."


Boy Scouts caving:

"Matt, I donít think that could have gone any better! The spelunkers were all excited about their experiences, including the adults. You tired them out so that they all went to bed on their own at a reasonable hour without me having to say anything (always a desirable outcome!). Our riverside campsite at Peaceful River campground was awesome, and the roads stayed passable.  GREAT JOB, and thanks for everything! We hope to work again with you and OASC in the future."


Boy scouts caving:

"I was very pleased with Kevin. We had chatted about the itinerary prior to the trip and he followed the plan as discussed. I do not like surprises and he did not provide any. He arrived on time (which is important to me) and he was very professional yet very good with the boys. They loved him. That meant a lot right there. He was patient and gave us 110%. He was never in a rush and certainly gave us our money's worth. Please tell him once again (I already told him before he left camp) how pleased the experience was for our troop.
     I would also once again like to thank you as well for your professionalism and patience helping us pull this trip together. It really made my job easy and definitely manageable. Job well done by all of you. Many thanks.
    I hope we will do business again in the future. First impressions are important and you left me with a very good impression indeed. We will definitely keep you in mind for future activities ... I will also pass along your name to others in scouting."


Camp counselor pre-camp orientation retreat:   caving and camping:

"Thanks again for the great caving trip. Everyone enjoyed the trip and the camping out. Can't think of anything that needs improvement on. It was an excellent trip."


Boy scouts caving:

"All the kids really enjoyed it.  Kevin did a great job.  Perfect difficulty cave for what we were looking for.  I can't think of anything that could be improved; there were no glitches.  Definitely a very positive experience.  Very customer-friendly.  We look forward to doing it again!"


Boy scouts caving:

"We had the greatest time! Kevin was fantastic! He was patient, thoughtful and dealt great with the boys."


Hiking testimonials

Family & friends hike to a natural rock waterslide:

"This afternoon hiking excursion was the perfect post-graduate celebration for our family and friends. Ten of us were able to go and enjoy the afternoon together, experiencing a challenging, yet rewarding hike. We would not have been able to do without the wonderful guidance of our leader, Matt. The waterfalls were beautiful, and the natural waterslide provided an exhilarating ride that cannot be missed. I would recommend this trip to families, groups, and people just wanting an afternoon away from it all. People of all levels and ages can complete this hike, and after it's over you'll wonder why you don't do things like this more often."


Family vacation hike to a natural rock waterslide:

"Thank you for the trip on Friday to the slide rock and falls. It was a wonderful time and in my opinion the highlight of our vacation. Next time we are in the area we will call you for another adventure!"


Outdoor Rock Climbing testimonials

Boy scouts outdoor rock climbing:

"We had an outstanding rock climbing trip. I had high expectations ... Will and Dan were exceptional again ... The weather was glorious for mid-November ... Will and Dan's early arrival allowed us to get a preferred morning climbing spot ... Will and Dan were very organized and established excellent communication with the Scouts. Ö The sequence of moving from backup belayer to belayer to climber worked really well, and kept Scouts focused. I was able to just relax and be the roving photographer. All of the Scouts were successful climbing. A couple of the older Scouts said that the morning climb was too easy, so Will and Dan chose a more challenging afternoon climb. Ö The afternoon climb was perfect for our group. Ö I think it works really well to start with relatively easy climbs in the morning and have everyone successful and feeling good about themselves, and then give the advanced climbers a challenge in the afternoon and let the less advanced climbers just give it their best shot."


Middle school group outdoor rock climbing:

"Amazing! The kids had an absolute blast. I really can't think of any criticisms. I thought is was great how they had the place prepared when we got there, and that there were multiple walls to climb of different levels, and that they made the kids really independent with belaying, so that after several turns, they could get themselves all set up to belay each other. They all got to climb several times ... A really great trip! Thanks!"


Church group outdoor rock climbing:

"We had a great time on Saturday. Thanks for letting us go rock climbing. Everyone loved the challenge and the aspect of working with each other and encouraging each other. Chance was hilarious; Trevor was great; Steve was an excellent instructor. We had a great time with all of them."


Boy scouts outdoor rock climbing:

"The guides were role models in their coaching of the boys, and took time for clear instruction as well as building in redundant safety features. In addition, the quality of the equipment and ropes was excellent."


U.S. Navy outdoor rock climbing:

"The trip on Saturday was awesome! Everyone really appreciated Massey staying through the rain and thunder to set up new climbs for them. The climbs he set up I think were perfectly suited for the level of climbers that went as well."


U.S. Navy outdoor rock climbing:

"Chance was a really fun guide who had the group laughing with outrageous stories at the same time he was teaching them the fun of rock climbing. His enthusiasm and love for the activity was contagious and everyone had a lot to talk about on the ride home."



White Water Kayaking testimonials


U.S. Navy white water kayaking:  instruction (day 1) + river ride (day 2)

"This was one trip I was hesitant to try, but after the first day, Dave made the river seem like the best place to be. Everyone had a blast and it was great to see everyone go through the rapids with a smile on their face and confidence in their skills."


White Water Rafting testimonials

Bachelorette party outdoor rock climbing, white water rafting, and deluxe cabin with outdoor hot tub:

"It was a great weekend. The tours were great and the guides that led them were too! ... We had a great time. I would definitely do it again."


Bachelor party rafting and deluxe cabin with outdoor hot tub:

"Exceeded expectations ... We had a fantastic time ... Our guide was really funny!"


We have serviced groups from the following locations:

  • Charlottesville area

  • Fairfax

  • Fredericksburg

  • Lynchburg

  • Newport News

  • Norfolk

  • Richmond

  • Virginia Beach

  • Washington, DC / Northern Virginia


For bookings and more information about adventures custom-designed to meet your groups needs, please contact the club Manager.

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